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Highland Park, Los Angeles

Sara Brown


Mind / Body

Spiritual /

Mind / Body

Spiritual /

Are you an international Angeleno working in a creative field? Or maybe you moved here from across the country? Whether you recently made LA your home or have been here for some time, it’s not uncommon to long for home or ‘a home’ and to feel like a fish out of water.

Therapy can help actors, writers, artists, and creatives thrive in spite of the rejection, imposter syndrome, anxiety, and depression that often accompanies a career in entertainment. therapy in highland park los angeles 90042 expats and immigrants

I offer individual, couples and group therapy, and work with many immigrants, expats, their family members, and multi-cultural couples experiencing difficulties rooted in adjustment to place and culture.

Community / Health

Community / Health

Among my clients are numerous creatives, healers, artists, writers and non-conventional people longing to heal, find new meaning, and re-connect with their inner wisdom and joy. At Scribble Community Center in Highland Park, Los Angeles, we provide a variety of enriching experiences such as group therapy and art classes.

We offer Narrative therapy, somatic therapy, psychedelic integration and harm reduction, spiritual therapy, therapy for creatives artists musicians writers in highland park los angeles, we also work with expats, immigrants and internationals.

How I work

Narrative Therapy


Psychedelic Integration

Culturally Sensitive


Spiritual Therapy

“We are the stories we are told and we are the stories we tell ourselves.”

- Harold R. Johnson

Sara Brown, MS, AMFT, APCC

Hi! I am Sara -- pronounced Zara – a nod to my Swiss and German upbringing. Nearly a decade ago I left Berlin, since making Highland Park, Los Angeles my home. I describe myself as a creative soul, a seeker of meaning, an adventurer, forever a European at heart, a nature enthusiast with a deep love for trees, and a mother of two little humans. My path has taken me through many corners of the world. I understand the challenges associated with forging a connection with a new place and culture. Additionally, I’ve gained insight navigating the hurdles of start-up life and building one’s business. Of course, these are just a few of the life experiences that support me in my work with clients. I have experienced some of life’s toughest moments and know that it can sometimes feel daunting, exhausting, and overwhelming. Yet, life can also be exhilarating, enjoyable, and profoundly fulfilling at its finest.

If you’re not living your life the way you want to, let’s talk about it.

What I offer

Individual Therapy

What many of my clients share is a search to connect with a deeper understanding of themselves both as humans and, for some, as spiritual beings. I approach therapy as an open, curious conversation that allows us to connect with your deepest desires and give access to the narratives that keep you confined. Some of the aspects my clients grapple with are life transitions, self-critical thinking, feeling unmotivated, facing comparison and rejection, anxiety, depression, grief, feeling stuck, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, psychedelic explorations, self-exploration and personal growth, and the complexities of a creative career.

Many clients have come to LA in search for new horizons and opportunities, frequently becoming the protagonists of an unexpected and challenging new story. It can be unsettling to navigate the currents of life in a new environment and culture. Unwritten rules and unfamiliar norms bring up questions about personal identity and a quest for authentic connection in an unfamiliar environment.

With me as your therapist, we will embark on a journey to discover what it means to be authentically and unapologetically you. We delve into the stories, the images you hold dear, and the ones that you rather see fade away - finding meaning and strength in new and old narratives and places. In doing so, we invite fresh perspectives and open the possibility of a rich and fulfilling life, both in the here and now and well into the future.

I value working with a diversity of clients. I am LGBTQIA+ affirmative.

Artists, creatives, writers, let our therapists help you to harness your talent and passion for creativity to give you an outlet for dealing with big feelings, processing tough times, and exploring the deepest depths of who you are.

Couples & Friendship Therapy

In my work with couples, whether you are partners or friends, I am here to support you in exploring various aspects of your relationship. We delve into both the difficulties and the sources of support within it.

Our journey involves examining how your past experiences, including childhood and trauma, have shaped your interactions and the expectations you hold for your relationship. A key aspect of my practice involves cross-cultural counseling where we highlight the influence of culture on emotions and communication, especially during challenging times.

My goal is to strengthen the relationship and to provide a secure space for true connection and trust. I help couples deal with intercultural issues, unproductive conflicts, infidelity, and disconnection. I help friends overcome challenges and build a stronger friendship. I focus on enhancing communication for those who may be going through a rough patch, or contemplating a ‘breakup’ and are in need of mediation. Additionally, I offer support for pregnant couples, couples grappling with disagreements over parenting, and the painful experience of pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

Whether you're navigating rough patches, considering a breakup, or facing parenting challenges, I'm here to facilitate better communication and help you enjoy your relationship once more.

I work with a diverse range of couple constellations, including intercultural couples, and I am LGBTQIA+ affirmative.

Family Therapy

Our families often bring up the most intense emotions, from minor irritations to buried resentments, explosive arguments, to hidden guilt and disappointment. These intense feelings can be challenging to navigate. Family counseling can be helpful when your family relationships become strained, uncomfortable, or reach a crisis point. My approach focuses on conversations that explore the inherent strengths of your family, as well as the negative interactions and recurring patterns within your family dynamics. Together, we collaborate to foster greater understanding, transform destructive into constructive communication, learn to provide each other with emotional support, and face challenges together as a family.

It's important to note that effective therapy doesn't seek to assign blame or find fault; instead, it centers on the family unit as a whole and the relationships within it. While family therapy can address individual concerns within the family, the primary focus remains on the overall family unit.

I work with a diverse range of family compositions, including intercultural families, and I am LGBTQIA+ affirmative.

Group Therapy in Highland Park Los Angeles. Scribble Community Practice offers sliding scale therapy for creatives, artists, writers, musicians, expats, and immigrants.


We are inherently social beings. The story of you is created in relation to others - it's how we make sense of the world, connect, and define what it means to be human, to be you. At Scribble Community Center in Highland Park we offer a variety of groups, classes, events, and group therapy. Group therapy has shown to be as effective as individual therapy and it’s a great way to build connection. Come check us out at one of our music and art shows or simply drop us a message. We warmly invite you to join us on a journey of healing and connection within our community!

Check out our website for current offerings and more information.


Individual Session $125 Couples Session $150 Group $45

I also have a few sliding scale spots open for lower income clients. Payment is collected at the end of each session via cash, credit card, or check. I currently do not accept insurance, but I am happy to provide you with a superbill.


I earned my Master of Science in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton and am currently registered as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, #141198, and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, #14519. I am supervised by Jon Tatelman, LMFT #124538. My university education focused on humanistic and relational principles in therapy. During my year-long research thesis I took a deep dive into the intersection of psychedelic integration and narrative therapy. After my degree I received in-depth training in Narrative/ Postmodern Therapy from Miracle Mile Community Practice in Los Angeles. While at MMCP, I worked with a broad range of clients such as actors, writers, directors, therapists, fashion designers, models, creatives, and musicians with diverse concerns including; depression, anxiety, high functioning autism, living between cultures, body image, grief, relationship concerns, sexuality and gender, life transitions, and couple's conflict. I am currently deepening my training to include somatic and spiritual approaches into my work.

In my previous life, I received an MA in International Relations from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and then worked for international organizations and non-profits - which brought me to Latin America. Later I became the co-founder of a successful start-up in Berlin, Germany, before I moved half way across the world, becoming a counselor in California.

I speak English, German, French, and Spanish.

Group therapy, workshops and classes for artists, musicians, creative people in highland park los angeles. Do you love your craft but find the business sucks for your mental health? As an artist or creative it’s time to figure out a healthy way.

Find me at the newly established Scribble Community Center on York in Highland Park, Los Angeles. At our space we offer sliding scale therapy, group therapy, tai chi, art and music classes, workshops, performances and more!

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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 988 (suicide hotline) or go to your nearest ER.

Sara Brown, MA, AMFT #141198, APCC #14519

she / her / hers

Supervised by Jon Tatelman

(213) 432 - 2814 (direct line)

@Scribble Community Center

5541 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042